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Core Functional Fitness

Core Functional Fitness

Core Functional Fitness


Deemer Ciantar
ACE Personal Trainer
Certified IPT international personal trainer
TRX STC qualified instructor
TRX level 2 Force instructor
Sports nutrition advisor.
Health and fitness has been a passion of mine for years, always reading articles and discovering new training techniques. I trained athletics for over 8 years, played soccer and practiced kickboxing. In 2014 I decided to turn my passion into a career and couldn’t be more happy with the decision that I made. I enjoy meeting and working with new clients and watching the transformation take place not only physically but mentally as well. My pride is to help clients achieve health, fitness or weight loss goals giving them motivation and constant support in and out of the studio, personalised training programs, nutrition programs and tips, effective workouts and how to perform them correctly to prevent injury. I believe balance, strength and flexibility are the key components to a happy life, physically as well as emotionally. I bring these elements to fitness instruction. I also believe fitness can be fun and playful.
In may 2014 I decided to open my own private fitness studio so as to give my clients a more intimate, personal and uncrowded place to train and see results. At Core Functional fitness the client is the most important, i recognise that clients have diverse goals and needs.
Working with a Personal Trainer is a great way to achieve your fitness goals. I can assist you in areas such as: weight loss, toning up for that special event or vacation and gaining muscle mass.
My philosophy is simple, a workout regimen which challenges your body to the full with constant workout changes that shock your body to achieve results. All this coupled with a balanced diet and good healthy supplements are the best effective way to get results.
Core Functional fitness is a diverse gym where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built. Core functional fitness caters to all individuals, people of all skill and fitness levels. Clients receive full support in terms of time, skill and resources at all times, not just when they visit the premises but 24/7. This enables the clients to achieve their health and fitness goals more safely and effectively.
I Strive to make a life changing experience for every individual at an affordable price.
Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, increase muscle, get stronger, reach a target weight before an important event, get fit and healthy, learn how to eat healthy and reach your targets, at Core i can help you in a safe, private and motivational environment.
Core Functional fitness provides personal training services, fitness coaching, diet and nutritional counselling –
Offering –
-One to one coaching
-2 (clients) to one (pt)
-Functional fitness classes
-Corporate training

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Core Functional Fitness

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